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Our Story

While Canada is home to a great number of talented chefs, many delicacies are so labor-intensive to create, that for the most part, they’re available on small scales, primarily in high-end pastry shops. Being much older and more established, the European marketplace benefits from generations of dedicated pastry chefs, meaning that the creation of these delicacies is possible on much larger scales. This phenomenon is the reason why PCD Imports (Piu Che Dolci translates to More Than Sweets) came to be.

The Piu Che Dolci story began in early 1990s, when Robert Marano (Co-Owner) began his career in the culinary arts. He soon rose to become an acclaimed executive pastry chef with a flourishing retail pastry business in Ville St Laurent, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec.

His mission to create ever-finer delicacies led him to scour Europe for ingredients of a quality that is simply not found in North America. Over the years, long-lasting and healthy business relationships would be formed with some of Europe’s finest suppliers, many of whom had no prior footprint in Canada or USA.

After 20 years of growth and business diversification, Robert Marano is now also a company partner at PCD Imports, which was to ultimately become a thriving import business, boasting extensive sourcing, supply chain and logistics capabilities.

What Separates us from Others

The key to PCD’s success is of course, its extensive network of specialty suppliers and farmers, having exclusive Canadian distribution rights in many cases. PCD Imports stays on top of the market and ahead of other importers by nurturing its network of high quality partners.

We spare no expense in scouring the world to ensure that our company remains the leading importer of fine foods into the North American marketplace. We’ll be happy to help your business grow by pleasing more of your customers with delicacies which would otherwise remain unknown to North American consumers and restaurant-goers.

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